Fluid Control Systems & Handling Solutions

Core Business

Since 1982 ETI has been providing mechanical engineering parts, instrumentation, pressure regulators and valves. In collaboration with italian companies of high international reputation (such as Nuova Fima, Omal, Sensitron, Insert Deal and more others), we offer innovative solutions in fluid dynamics branch of industrial processes, from the fluid interception step until the control, the measuring and the regulation. Visit our products section to discover the wide range of solutions at your disposal.

instrumentation and technical gas equipment

Instrumentation and mechanical engineering parts

Made in Italy of high quality at competetive prices

Industrial gaskets

For over thirty years ETI is specialized in the supply of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, as well as wipers, guide wears, back-up rings, stuffing box packings, mechanical seals and other custom high-performance gasketing products. ETI provides highly specialized solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

Industrial valves

ETI offers a wide range of high quality valves for general purpose and process industry. We provide fluid control and regulating valves, both manually operated by lever or handwheel and also by pneumatic or electric actuator. In addition, we can provide valves lined internally in different materials.

Hoses & accessories

ETI provides a suit product bundle and innovative solutions for all requirements in fluid motion. We supply flexible metal and ptfe hoses, rubber hose, composite and thermplastic hoses, for liquid and gaseous fluids. Furthermore, we are specialist in providing PTFE lined pipes and shaped parts.


By the support of qualified italian partners, ETI is leading supplier of measure instrumentation and other control systems for pressure and temperature, as well as for flow and level measurement. Moreover, we provide filters, relief valves, oil fog lubricators and instruments for gas and explosivity detection.


Our company‘s strategy is always been geared to offer a valid and qualified support to the customers, philosophy synthesized in providing a wide range of high quality products at resonable prices, joined to a highly efficient service.

Authorized Distributer

instrumentation & I.D. equipment

ID Insert Deal is specialist in the production of equipment for regulation, filtration and lubrication of gaseous and liquid fluids in the industrial field: pressure regulators, relief valves, filters, oil fog lubricators, decompression units.

instrumentation for pressure & temperature

Nuova Fima is the major Italian manufacturer of industrial pressure gauges, electronic transmitters, diaphragm seals, thermometers, thermowells, for the control of pressure and temperature in the industrial processes.

instrumentation for valves

Omal Automation is italian valve manufacturer specialist for general purposes and process industry, to which ball valves, butterfly valves, pneumatic valves, pneumatic actuators and rotary electrical actuators.