About us

Founded in 1982 by Mr. Corallo Antonino, E.T.I. has been quickly affirmed in providing sealing systems, fluid handling facilities and measurement instruments for the various process fluids of several industrial plants, deserving over the years the esteem and the preference by increasingly wide and exigent customers.

Thanks to the large technical skills gained firstly in the sicilian territory, which as is well known has one of Europe’s most important industrial settlement, both for the dimensions of establishments and also for the variety of brands available, to denoting the undeniable awareness of the problems and so the most suitable solutions that may relate the companies operating in the petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, steel and shipbuilding industry sectors.

In addition for fifteen years ETI will also appeal to the international markets, thanks to the partnership provided by highly reliable foreign agents and retailers.

The company‘s strategy is always been geared to offer a valid and qualified support to the customers, philosophy synthesized in providing a wide range of high quality products at resonable prices, joined to a highly efficient service.

about us