SMART3G series gas detectors

SMART3G detectors

Detectors with pellistor, infrared or electrochemical cell, for flammable and toxic gas

Designed to meet with industrial requirements, the SMART3G series gas detectors allow to monitor toxic, flammable and refrigerant gas contents in industrial environments and classified areas.

They can also offer a 4-digit back-lit display for the gas concentration reading, 5 mode status LED and a high visibility multi-color LED light ring.

Ideal in harsh environments, the SMART3G series feature non-intrusive calibration for an accurate and easy adjustment via Hall-effect switches, without opening the instrument and declassifying the area.

They can reliably monitor flammable compounds (% LFL), toxic compounds in ppm, Oxygen and CO2 contents in % by Vol. They do also monitor refrigerant gases both in ppm and % LFL.

The detectors are rated to IP65 protection degree.

The whole range is ATEX certified for EHSR and Performance and SIL2HW Approved.