Cam-lock quick couplings

Cam-Lock fittings

Quick couplings with levers

Camlock quick fittings were developed in order to obtain a fast and safe connection between two flexible hose.
In fact, simply insert the female connector into the male by placing the gasket of the first one on the edge of the second and then lower the two eccentric levers to lock the coupling.

Widely used in many industries, the Kamlock quick fitting system has several advantages. It is made of two mating parts, male and female, and requires no tools for locking and unlocking.

These couplings can be provided with various ends: threaded, flanged, welded or with a hose shank. Threads and flange types of models are comply to the several italian and international regulations.
They are are produced in different materials: aluminum, bronze or brass, polypropylene, stainless steel AISI 316.