piping teflonato

PTFE lined pipe systems

Pure and antistatic PTFE lined tube and fitting systems

The pipes, the fittings and the shaped parts in carbon steel internally lining in pure or antistatic teflon (P.T.F.E.) represent the right solution to the corrosion problems due to the transfer of aggressive media: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, brine, caustic soda, chlorine, etc.
The exceptional resistance of PTFE lining to chemical attacks, in presence of strongly aggressive chemical agents at temperatures between -200° to +200°C, it is the starting point for an effective response to the corrosion.
The developed processing method consists of "isostatic" molding, followed by a sintering process at a pressure of 360 bar for fittings and shaped parts; while for the pipes the lining is done by «dry extrusion».
The resistance of the PTFE lining in the pipes is practically the same both radially and longitudinally, which guarantees a considerable safety margin due to the alternation of the fluid under pressure and in vacuum presence..
On request, it is also possible to use the TFM (Dineon tradermark) lining, defined as "PTFE of the second generation", whose mechanical properties are higher to those of traditional PTFE.
It is also possible to realize and to line entire new plants according to drawings or skecth, as well as expansion joints, collectors, dip pipes, ferrules, tanks and columns.