Filters regulators FR12MD - FR38MD


Modular filter-regulators, suitable for compressed air

Filter regulators for inlet pressure up to 30 bar (435 psi).
Inlet and outlet connections 1/2” Female and 3/8” female in the body.
Outlet pressure is controlled by a rubber diaphragm.
Balanced main valve.
Cast aluminium body and bowl, plastic bonnet.
Modular design to couple with same series: lubricator.
Holes for wall mounting.
Pressure adjusting knob with lock system.
Overpressure relieving function.
Filtration rate: 5 or 50 μm.
The product complies with the directive 2014/68/EU PED.
Available the EAC-EX TP TC 012/2011 versions for the Russian market.
Available units composed of: Filter-Regulator + Lubricator