heat protection sleeve

Thermal insulation sleeves

Heat protection sleeve in glass fiber with silicone outside

The plaited fiber glass heat protection sleeve is coated outside with a high layer of read silicone rubber. The red colour is a result of the high FE 203 content. Reduction of energy losses and good abrasion resistance.

It's particularly used to protect hydraulic cooling pipes, electric circuit cables and to move and handle superheated metals and slag.

Moreover it protects the operators from the risk of burns caused by the intense heat radiated from the tubes containing fused metals in steelworks during production of special steel.

It also may be used in induction furnaces as a protection for the cooling circuits of electric supply cables.

Additional and frequent uses include both aluminium and non aluminium foundries, oil rigs, shipbuilding and car industries, and it is also excellent for reducing possible energy losses thanks to its low heat transfer coefficient.

It's available in coilds of 20 meters up to the inner diameter 41 mm and in coilds of 15 meters for larger diameters.