Sanitary pressure gauges SP DN63-100

SP DN63-100

Sanitary pressure gauges DS 2.5”, 4” (63-100mm)

The sanitary pressure gauges are designed for food process, sanitary and pharmaceutical industries in compliance with standard n.74-06 of 3-A (Sanitary Standards Symbol Administrative Council).
The absence of interstices and the mirror finishing of the components assure the best hygiene.
The combination of pressure gauge and diaphragm seal allow to reduce the inner volumes and temperature error.

To reduce the effects of severe working conditions like vibrations and pulsations, the instruments can be filled.


SP DN63-100

  • Accuracy: Grade A according to ASME B40.1
  • Function: Local indication
  • Materials: All Stainless steel
  • Range: 0...15 / 0...600psi, 0...1 / 0...40bar
  • Protection degree: IP 67
  • Working pressure: 75% of FSV
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sanitary
  • Crystallizzing fluids
  • Viscous fluids
  • Fluctuating pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Combined (Vacuum + Pressure)
  • Sedimentous fluids
  • Vibrations
  • Norm ASME B40.1
  • 3A
  • ISO 2852 (CLAMP)
  • EAC Conformity