Stark wafer Omal ball valves

Stark Wafer

Carbon steel and Stainless steel Split Body PN 16-40 ball valves

- Floating ball, full bore
- Soft-seat seal: PTFE+15% glass filled
- Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1;
- Operating temperature: -20°C / +150°C
- Pressure class: PN16-40
- Intercepted fluid: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products, aggressive fluids
- Antistatic device EN12266-2
- Stem seal: PTFE V-pack
- Additional seal on stem with FKM O-ring
- Anti Blow-out stem

- In compilance with European Directive 2014/68/UE PED;
- In compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive
- FIRE SAFE: API 607 - EN ISO 10497