SMART S-IR gas detectors


SIL 2 Single IR Sensor & Single Output II2G (GD opt adapter)

SMART S-IR series gas detectors employ a high performing Infrared sensor detect either flammable gases (% LEL) or CO2 % by volume.
They offer an 8 digits back-lit display and 5 mode status LEDs for the gas concentration reading and feature non intrusive calibration for an accurate and easy adjustment either via Hall-effect switches or IrDA interface and keypad, without opening the instrument and declassifying the area. SMART S-IR series has been especially developed for aggressive atmospheres, where the Pellistor sensors functionality could be seriously compromised.
Industrial grade Infrared sensors are poison free, thus granting a higher accuracy and a longer lifetime to the detector.
The detectors are rated to SIL3 SW and SIL2 HW.

Sensitron sensors

  • Infrared dummy sensor
  • Single 4-20 mA 3-wires output and 3 relay output
  • RS485 serial communication Modbus
  • SIL 2 (3)
  • certified (EN50402)