R126 LL Regulator

R126 LL DN100-DN80

Aluminium pressure regulators, for non corrosive gas

Pressure regulators R126 LL DN100-DN80 for inlet pressure up to 20 bar (290 psi).
Flanged connections screwed to the body EN1092-01/01A/DN80/PN40 e EN1092-01/01A/DN100/PN40.
Different available flanges “EN” or “ASME”.
Outlet pressure is controlled by a rubber diaphragm.
Balanced main valve.
The product complies with the 2014/68/EU PED directive.
Manometers for inlet and outlet pressure (accuracy class 1.6)
Available the EAC TP TC 032/2013 (only for dome loaded execution) or EAC-EX TP TC 012/2011 versions for the russian market.
Adjusting spring for outlet pressure 0.2÷1.5 bar and 0.6÷6 bar.
Built in pilot regulator for outlet pressure
1.5÷15 bar.