Manometri per omogeneizzatori OM DN100

OM DN100

Homogenizer gauges DS 4” (100mm)

The pressure gauges model OM are designed for homogenizer machines and are built according to standard n. 74-06 of 3-A organization (Sanitary Standards Symbol Administrative Council).
The absence of interstices and the mirror finishing of the components assure the best hygiene.
The process connection is a special diaphragm seal integrally built with the pressure gauge.

To reduce the effects of severe operating conditions like vibrations and pulsations, the instruments can be liquid filled.

OM DN100

  • Instrument type: bourdon tube pressure gauge
  • Accuracy: 1,6 of FSV
  • Function: local indication
  • Materials: All Stainless steel
  • Range: 0...160 / 0...1600bar
  • Protection degree: IP 67
  • Working pressure: 75% of FSV
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machine building (OEM)
  • Sanitary
  • Crystallizzing fluids
  • Viscous fluids
  • High pressure
  • Fluctuating pressure
  • Sedimentous fluids
  • Vibrations
  • EN 837 standard
  • 3A
  • Directive ATEX 2014/34/UE
  • EAC Conformity