Butterfly valve metal-metal

Butterfly valve metal-metal

Butterfly valve metal-metal to be inserted between flanges "Wafer" type

- Valve type 270: body and butterfly in cast iron.
- Valve type 474: body and butterfly in AISI 316.
- Available range: from DA 40 to DN 200 PN10 - PN16 - ANSI 150
- Standard flanges: PN10 - PN16 - ANSI 150
- Face to face as per ISO 5752.
- Head valve as per ISO 5211.
- The metal-metal valve is suitable for fluids at working temperature from -50°C to +100°C.
- Working pressure: PN 16 bar for DN 40÷200
- Valve leakage approximately 1,5-2%.

- Models from DN 40 to DN 400 with working temperature from -50°C to +500°C, are available on request.
- For further information, please contact our technical offices.

2014/34/EU ATEX configuration to request at time of order