Pressostati differenziali 3.28

Pressure Switch 3.28

Differential pressure switches

These differential pressure switches are IP 65, and suitable for a variety of applications such as: chemical, petrochemical, conventional power station where it is required to control differential pressure, level, flow. The sensing element is a metallic diaphragm with 2 metallic bellows and acts directly on the microswitch through a self-centering pivot. The simplicity of the design, without levers, cams or similar mechanism, gives the unit an exceptionally long working life.


  • Instrument type: Pressure switch
  • Function: Electric contact
  • Materials: All Stainless steel
  • Process connection: Threaded
  • Calibration range: 0...1 / 0...10bar
  • Sensing element: Diaphragm
  • Protection degree: IP 65
  • Electrical switching: SPDT microswitch, one or two intervention
  • Sensing element material: Stainless steel
  • Chemical, Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Water treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
  • Crystallizzing fluids
  • Viscous fluids
  • Sedimentous fluids
  • EAC Conformity