Ball valve Pro-Chemie 60


Stainless steel Ball valves Split Body PN16-40

Standard features
Valve specifically designed d for chemical industry
Floating ball, full bore.
Soft-seat sealRPTFE
Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1
Pressure class: PN16-40
Face-to-face dimension: short and long pattern
Antistatic device EN12662-2
Stem seal: V-ring packing
Anti Blow-out stem
Actuator connection as per standard ISO 5211
Closing angle >7°

Features on request
For other execution type please contact our sales department

In compliance with European Directive 2014-68-EU PED;AD2000 HP0;
Fugitive Emission UNI EN ISO 15848, (ISO-FE-AH-C03-SSA); TA-LUFT(60000 cycles)VDI 2440;
FIRE SAFE: ISO 10497 / API 607
In compliance with ATEX 2014-34-EU Directive , ATEX certificate ON REQUEST.

Engeenering standard
Body thickness in compliance with: ASME B16.34, ASME VIII div.1, EN 12516; PAS 1085